About Us


Ronnie Trouton MBE

Tel: 028 3885 1407 

Email: rgtrouton@btinternet.com



Raymond Donaldson

Tel: Mobile: 07940 466460 

Email: raymond77_donaldson@yahoo.co.uk


Competition Secretary

Paul Mooney

Mobile: 07799 625481

Email: pmautomotive@hotmail.com


Website Coordinator

Damien Mooney

Tel: Mobile: 07936 740579 

Email: mooneycom@hotmail.co.uk



Club Information

The Autotest Drivers Club was formed in 1980 for the sole purpose of organising and promoting the sport of Autotesting in Northern Ireland, a sport that the Province has excelled in over the past 50 years. The club is one of only two of its kind in the UK. As a specialist Club having a committee made up of very experienced competitors and organisers, advice can be given to both beginners and experienced Autotest drivers.

The club holds five events each year including two rounds of the Northern Ireland Autotest Championship. The Club runs its own Championship for Beginners, Semi-experts and Experts with various classes to cover all types of cars including standard road cars. In addition the Club is involved with Autotest displays around the Province and has frequently organised special ‘Tandem’ Autotest events with RPM TV.

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