Autotest Drivers Club Plan Simple Tests At Future Clubman Events





The Autotest Drivers Club Committee are pleased to inform everyone who has paid Membership for 2020 that the expiry date will be extended to 31st December 2021 and therefore will include all 2021 events.

We hope everyone continues to keep well and look forward to being able to enjoy motorsport safely in 2021.


Best Regards

Autotest Drivers Club Committee


Autotesting has always been promoted as an inexpensive entry level to motorsport. Currently costs are escalating alarmingly for highly specialised Autotest cars used in the ANICC Championship. ADC has agreed a new policy for future events. “Formula One” autotest drivers in the ADC Championship rounds will continue to have the challenging tests they expect. Future Clubman events will have simple “driving” tests not “memory” tests, and will include some “all forwards” tests. The aim is to encourage drivers who want the emphasis on enjoyable, value for money autotests, where less expensive road legal or older autotest cars can be used for a fun day out, with experienced drivers coaching and helping clubman drivers improve their skills.

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